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About 4 Servings

White Lasagne with zucchini

I love lasagne, especially in the summer, even though it means I have to fire up the oven. If it were up to me, I’d use the oven day, night, winter or summer without distinction.

I think this is an excellent dish to eat hot or lukewarm. You can prepare it well in advance and then cook it in the oven, where it takes care of itself. What more could you ask for?

Ingredients 4 Servings

Shopping List

250 g of Pasta Armando Lasagna
1 kg of Organic zucchini
100 g of Sliced cooked ham
200 g of Sliced scamorza cheese
60 g of Grana Padano Parmesan cheese
leaves of Basil
Extra virgin olive oil
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For the béchamel

Melt 50 grams of butter on a low heat in a double-bottomed aluminium pan. Add the same quantity of flour, whisk and then add 700 millilitres cold milk all in one go and whisk continuously until it begins to bubble.

Add salt, lower the heat, cover and cook for at least 20 minutes, mixing now and again. The béchamel must not in any way retain a floury aftertaste.
Remove from the heat and add salt if required (I advise it), flavour with a pinch of ground nutmeg and ground pepper. The resulting béchamel should be a quite runny.

For Lasagne

Now prepare the zucchini, julienne all but one of them, setting that one aside for the final decoration.

Lightly brown them in the frying pan in two or three spoonfuls of extra virgin olive oil for around five minutes until they are slightly crunchy. Add salt and pepper to taste and a few leaves of basil or thyme.

Wipe some olive oil on a roasting pan and spread a layer of béchamel across the bottom with a wooden spoon, add the lasagne sheets and cover them partly with the courgettes, cooked ham and slices of scamorza cheese.
Cover well with a spoon of béchamel, spreading it across to cover also the corners and then dust generously with the grated Grana Padana. Repeat this procedure four times and then cover the final layer with béchamel.

Cut the courgette that has been set aside into thin strips with a slicer or a peeler and use these to decorate the lasagne creating a grid pattern, add the remaining Grana, a dusting of breadcrumbs and a splash of olive oil or you can choose to use butter for a more golden brown result.

Cook in the oven at 200° for around 40 minutes, When the lasagne is golden let it rest for 10 minutes and then serve…delicious!

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